Early reviews for “Eloisa” visuals

“Make sure you are on the side of the table that gets to watch the video art on the wall. It’s more addictive that texting on a cell phone.”

-David @TripAdvisor

“Of course Sedlar’s cuisine and cocktails are a hit.  The video art is getting ample attention also!”

“The space is beautiful with huge windows and contemporary touches that are completely new to the local restaurant scene.  One wall is filled with video screens that exhibit a constantly changing series of lovely light pictures. It is hard to take your eyes away from the display.” 


“We decided to try a new place for Father’s Day. Everything was excellent from service to urban decor (and video wall art especially) to small plates to large plates to dessert.” 

-David C @Tripadvisor

“.. but Eloisa’s seems to embrace the fact that they are in a unique location with one cocktail rimmed with crushed crickets and forward art installations that include a triptych of video screens flashing wild and bizarre images of the desert, bomb explosions and archaic buildings. (Most of it was interesting, but some of the images I could do without when eating).”

-SantaFeCruiser @Tripadvisor

“The modern decor is very sleek, the video screen on the wall with continually changing art is cool to watch.” 

-christine102262 @Tripadvisor

“Striking upgrade… the atmosphere here, with its wall-mounted digital “glitch art” display, neutral whites and greys and plenty of sharp angles, still manages to feel warm and inviting, especially during the evening.”

-Rob Dewalt @ sfreporter.com